Meet Our Staff

Chris Cerda

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Chris Cerda, a Midland-Odessa native and father of two, moved to Stamford six years ago. When the fitness center opened, he started working part-time as a personal trainer. He started working for the center full time in November as manager, personal trainer, and class instructor.
Cerda said he became interested in fitness and health when he was in high school. “All I can remember is wanting to be big and fit. I was always looking at body building magazines and trying out the newest supplements.”
Cerda brings seven years of experience in personal training to the fitness center. He says his specialty is making people’s dreams come true, whether it be losing weight, bulking up or working on muscle tone- whatever a person wants to accomplish.
Cerda said he is happy to have joined the fitness center. “This is my home away from home,” he said. “I don’t feel like it’s my job. This is my hobby. I get paid to do my hobby, and who wouldn’t like that?”


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